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    The first time my husband and I visited Bella Casa was after a full day with several trips of moving from our old house in Colorado Springs to our new house in Monument. We were sweaty, dirty and worn out – my husband had his favorite, worn out ball cap and his “holey” jeans on! We’d driven by the store a few times before as we explored our new home town of monument, always after hours, but we knew from the store front that it was a business we needed to visit. The moment we entered the store, we felt at home. Finally a store that was totally based on our tastes!

    Lindy was working and was so sweet to us. Even in our “moving attire” she greeted us warmly, answered all of our questions, and talked us through the many different things we loved – from tables, to framed art, to vases, to candles, and knick knacks – she truly made us feel like she had no other purpose at the time than to answer our endless questions. Even our leaving with a simple promise that we would be back couldn’t diminish her spirit. We did return, my husband still in his favorite ball cap and holey jeans, and continued to peruse the store. We verified our initial thoughts that we truly did like everything in the store and inquired about Lindy’s home design service. We couldn’t wait to start working with her on decorating our new home.

    After having Lindy out to the house and talking through design options, it was clear we had made the right choice. We started small with accent tables, knick knacks and such, but soon moved on to whole room themes.

    Lindy is always quick to offer an idea and never shies away from your personal preferences. There have been a few times that it has taken two or three options to find just the right solution, but Lindy never fails to hit on just what we love.

    From her store, to her staff (Diane and Lindy are both considered family to us), to her ability to decipher and integrate a husband’s unique sense of fashion… We feel blessed to have discovered Lindy and Bella Casa. We love how our home is turning out with Lindy’s help.

    Jeff and Stacie W., Monument, CO

    testimonial-from-clients I am so grateful to have met Lindy Gerard when I did. She is well suited to work with people to create the perfect look in any room and is a delight to work with.

    My husband and I moved into a new home about a year ago and decided to completely change our style of furniture and color scheme. When I met Lindy, we had most of our furniture in place, but needed accessories to put the finishing touches in several rooms.

    Lindy has a wonderful sense of style,
    which is so welcome to someone like me who finds decorating to be a challenge. Another huge benefit to working with Lindy is that she has an entire store of lovely furnishings and accents that she can draw on to find just the right items for a room. I am so appreciative of everything Lindy has done for us and highly recommend her for any decorating project you might be considering.

    Gay-Leigh Camp, Colorado Springs, CO

    I have been waiting to find the perfect interior designer to help decorate my home and I have found her! Lindy Gerard is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very resourceful. She answers all your questions and makes sure you are completely satisfied when the work is done.

    One particular situation that stuck out was her willingness to use the decor pieces that I have in my home. When she was in my home she said, “I could take you back to the store and sell you some pictures but I feel that you have enough and it would be too much.” That is what I really love about Lindy is her honesty and she doesn’t sell you something that she feels will not work in your home. However, I must say that her store is absolutely beautiful and everything in there is stunning. So, of course I couldn’t resist and purchased a couple of items that created the perfect look. I had a wonderful time working with her and appreciated her helping me transform my home into a warm and inviting environment.

    Diane D., Monument, Colorado

    My husband and I thought the interior of our home looked pretty special, but agreed it needed some fine tuning. I was in Lindy’s shop and asked her to take a look to see what it needed. It’s still a work in progress, but our home is now looking very special.
    Lindy is a very talented lady. She has an exceptional eye for color, furniture arrangement, art work, accessorizing, etc. She is a joy to have in your home….warm,friendly, honest, efficient and very accommodating. She goes the “extra mile” for her clients. We feel blessed to have met Lindy and are so pleased with her work.

    Shirley and Duane Sanders, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    My husband and I had our entire lower level finished out a number of years ago and we were really happy with how the construction part turned out, but we just never did anything to make it look right. We were in Bella Casa shopping one day and got to talkng wth Lindy, the owner, and thought she’d be the right person to help us with decorating. We hadn’t ever put a single thing on the walls even though we had dozens of framed pictures, diplomas and military memorabilia. Her first time at the house, Lindy spent hours sorting through all we had, asking what was most important to us and then hanging everything in different groupings in several different areas. She even suggested we hang up an old university throw that was draped over the sofa.

    Her store has a great selection of original oil paintings and we ended up purchasing six from her along with some other wall art. Lindy came back out to the house and hung all of that up for us as well. Now we love the lower level more than ever and it’s a great place for us to entertain.

    Our next decorating project will be to work on the main living area and we will definitely be calling on Lindy and her expertise for that too!

    Jim and Gail S., Larkspur, Colorado

    I hired Lindy Gerard, who owns Bella Casa in Monument, to help me with paint colors. Most of the walls in the main living areas were white and I knew I wanted color, I just didn’t know where to start. Lindy was there only a few minutes and with paint deck in hand she was able to pick out a great new color and a contrasting color for some of the accent walls. She even gave me two names of paint contactors who she highly recommended.

    But the best part was that as she looked back in the main living area she said the furniture layout just didn’t feel right to her. She asked if I objected to moving things around a little, which I didn’t, so right then and there we started moving chairs, tables, a sofa and rug. The end result was so much better, I couldn’t believe the difference! Now it’s much more appealing visually and it also works better for conversation when we have friends over. It’s such a nice change and it didn’t cost me anything!

    Pamela R., Monument, Colorado

    Bella Casa is my favorite store and I love Lindy’s decorating style and the way she puts things together in the shop. I just recently moved into a new house and I’ve never used a decorator before but I thought I’d have Lindy come over to give me ideas and see what she would suggest.

    She had some great ideas right away. I ordered several tables, a custom upholstery chair and a rug from her and we’re getting ready to have some custom window treatments done. I’ve purchased a number of home decor items from her store and, so far, everything is working out really well. Lindy is great to work with, she doesn’t pressure me to buy anything and I’m really happy with my first experience using a decorator.

    Sissy W., Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Lindy makes my life so easy! I work full time, have two young children and zero decorating skills, but I want my house to look great. Lindy came over one time a couple of years ago and right away she was able to figure out my decorating tastes and style and what would work for us. We can’t do everything all at once, just one project at a time, and even though she’s only been here that one time she remembers our house and all the places we want to work on.

    When I go into her shop and tell her what I want to do, she always has great decorating ideas, and everything I bring home is perfect. I’m no longer making mistakes or purchasing home decor accessories that don’t work and having to return them. Really, Lindy makes it fun and easy and both my husband and I are really happy with the way our house is coming together.

    Mary P., Colorado Springs, Colorado

    If you are looking for an interior decorator, interior designer, stop. Lindy is talented beyond compare. We would highly recommend her services to anyone!

    Lindy and her team at Bella Casa brought out a beauty in our home we couldn’t find, while saving us time, money, and helping us make the difficult decisions when combining two households.

    After getting married, we asked Lindy to help combine our differing households of furniture, pictures and decorations. We could not figure out how to do it! Lindy visited both homes, and before moving day, helped us decide what furniture to keep, and what furniture needed to go. She also paid careful attention to our tastes and budget. Then in one amazing day, Lindy and her assistant combined our furniture, and transformed our home into beautiful and inviting spaces. Lindy’s vision of using key home decor accessories from her shop combined with custom florals, original artwork, lamps, a beautiful handpicked bookcase and two custom upholstery chairs, miraculously tied our households and tastes together. She is truly gifted. I would have easily spent twice the money with half the success had I tried to do it myself. Thank you Lindy!

    Ellen H., Monument, Colorado