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FlameWave Candles for Sale

One new product I’m particularly excited to share is the new FlameWave votive which uses a rechargeable led light to simulate a very realistic flickering gas flame.

After about 40 hours of use, the built-in USB adapter plugs a rechargeable battery into any 120 volt outlet. It also offers a 3 and 6 hour timer. These are so cool!!!

Enjoy a romantic meal with a comforting, soothing light display
The look of authentic firelight opens up a whole new world of decorative opportunities for which homemakers, event planners, and interior designers have always longed. Let your creativity light up the night. Let your big ideas beautifully blossom into tasteful, stunning reality.

The very best in flame simulation – Completely flameless, but you’ll never be able to tell. Electric LED light display looks like a actual flickering flame through this lantern’s glass cylinder.

Powerful – uses only 4 Watts of energy and has up to 40 hours of battery Life

Groundbreaking – Patent pending Flame Wave uses cutting edge technology to simulate a flickering flame